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Aynur Ayhan Talked On The Crisis Management With The Youth During The Conversation With ISAV Scholarship Holders

Aynur Ayhan, who is the co-founder of Aniva and Ayhan Metal, made a speech on the “Crisis Management“ during the conversation with the scholarship holders organized by the foundation of Istanbul Chamber of industry, where more than 100 participants joined and Aynur Ayhan answered their questions.

Aynur Ayhan shared her experiences with the young people and added that every person and organization had unique experiences and success stories and there was not only one correct approach in crisis management.

After beginning her speech with her own business and internship experiences, she mentioned a very important point: the angle from which we should look at the business life and the organization in which we work.

“You can only understand the values, cultures and unwritten rules that bind you and make the companies valued when you become a part of their business system and when you feel their philosophy to the fullest extent.”

She continued her speech with their own experiences during the crisis period, how they overcame the crisis in 2008 successfully and answered the young people’s questions and worries.

The crises are situations which cannot be foreseen or cannot be prevented even if they are foreseen. Ms. Aynur explained to us how everything changed very quickly during crises, and how it could make us feel weak like any person, and the importance of being able to stay calm under such conditions. It is also very important to analyze the crisis situation, to see the actuality of the crisis and to stay dynamic and solution-oriented.


 “It is very important to draw the attention to the points you have seen and determined, and to confront them. ‘’

Of course, the crises can be turned into very good business opportunities. We can say that Ayhan Metal turned the crises into Aniva. During the crisis period you firstly remember the things and projects that you had wanted to put into practice but could not find the opportunity to realize them. At that point, Ayhan Metal used the raw materials, workforce and machineries that were available to them. Ayhan siblings firstly started with their own innovative double-sided pan designs instead of the single-use products in the market based on their own experiences and they created quality and chic products that are suitable for contact with foodstuff as well as having life-long durability and that is how Aniva was created. Afterwards they began to analyze their experiences as a family that loves barbeque and continued with creating barbeque designs and producing them. For their barbeque products, they applied the same quality standards they used for the pans. Quality and chic products with lifelong durability. Today they continue to produce and sell pans, barbeques and barbeque accessories under Aniva brand.

Back in those days they managed to create eco-friendly, sustainable and timeless designs which are the trends today.

It would be a shame not to talk about Covid-19 crisis, in a speech made in 2020 on the subject of crises. This period brought along new norms and new methods of business. Ms. Aynur made a few recommendations in this regard:

“It is beneficial to carry out business by correctly defining the processes and correctly analyzing the system to make things simpler.

The life is based on a balance, we pay for everything we do. If we focus on materiality too much, the moral side will say stop to us. This is just what happened, we stopped. Now we have noticed that we are consuming without producing, we have damaged the earth and polluted the environment severely. We will look at things differently from now on in everything we do and show how much we care about our environment and our future. Our business methods will change.”


Lastly, we are ending our article with the precious recommendation given by Ms. Aynur to the young people.

“Do not limit your dreams but work with patience to achieve your dreams that are possible to be achieved, do not hurry. Learn the job by working. Train yourself with the guidance of the doyens of the sector. Climb the career steps with self-confidence, closely follow the latest developments and adapt yourself. Never forget the f5ws and 1h. When you look behind, if your past decision was correct, you will find that it was correct; but if you see it as a mistake later, understand why you made that mistake and learn from it. Because the future lies ahead and we will only lose time by thinking about the past. It is important to learn from our mistakes. I have great hopes for our young people.”


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