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New Year Talk with Aynur Ayhan

We are leaving 2020 behind, all we need is good wishes for 2021.. As Aniva, what did we do in 2020? And what is our plans for 2021?

We tried to answer these questions with Aynur Ayhan who is The Co-Founder of Aniva;

1. We are leaving 2020 behind, what would you like to say about the reflections of 2020? It was a difficult year, what were your methods to overcome the difficulties?

The wind of change that has begun to blow in 2012, or maybe we should say 2009, has been greatly felt during 2020. We are currently at the beginning of a new period.  All of our habits are changing and they will continue to change. The world experienced and overcame pandemics before, therefore we know these days of Covid are also going to pass and we will socialize with our new habits.

Each difficulty brings us closer to a new platform and a new looking angle. Instead of complaining during this period, it is high time that we focus on ourselves for self-evaluation. We used to live with lower level of awareness before the pandemic, it was a never-ending daily rush and now, suddenly we are staying at our homes and thinking about what we want to do. We have started to think about how to nourish our souls and what to do to become happy and earn money conveniently. Therefore many people have gained the chance to apply the decisions they have been delaying, as they had no courage before.

The conditions and rules require us to keep the physical interaction at minimum level, therefore people are stuck between their jobs and homes. The most important subject is to proceed on our way instead of complaining and to think “How do I turn this into an advantage?” and do whatever is required.

So, we have reviewed our business once again and focused on structuring for the new order. “How to adapt to the new business order?” “How to adapt in time?” – These are the questions we spend our time on.


“How are we going to change and how are we going to prepare us and our business?” are the questions everyone must ask individually.

2. What are your personal expectations from 2021? What will be the effects of the post-pandemic period?

In the case of the Spanish Flu, the recovery period took 2 years.  So, whatever we do, we need to endure for 2 years. Of course, the vaccination researches may immediately change the course. We should remember that the vaccination will not cure the ill people but it will prevent us from the heavy effects of Covid.

According to the good scenario, the pandemic will slow down after the first three months of 2021, while the second scenario anticipates that the recovery will begin as of the first half of 2021.

Although the active factors and the duration of the process of change are not exactly known, the process will take some time until it becomes widespread and matured, therefore it is anticipated that there will be other surprises during the next 10 years, in other words until 2030-2035.

We are trying to anticipate the degree of the future changes, despite of the fact that the subjects on which we discussed during the beginning of the pandemic and today are already different.

Regardless of the extent of the development of the machines, human resources will continue to be the most important resource of the countries. It is obvious that there will be mental changes to which we are not accustomed; as the young people who are receiving online education are unable to socialize and they stay at home all the time. Considering that the results of these changes will become visible within 8-10 years, difficulties in scope of work force may become inevitable. Therefore the questions of “How are we going to change and how are we going to prepare us and our business?” are the questions everyone must ask individually.


 ‘’Every subject we had considered when we were designing Aniva BBQ exactly fulfills the needs of today.’’

3. What are your project goals for the new year as Aniva?

Every subject we had considered when we were designing Aniva BBQ exactly fulfills the needs of today.

The products of today need to be environmentally-friendly products so that we can leave the world to the next generations with livable conditions, we must use the limited natural resources efficiently and ensure that the products have multiple functions to live much more plainly.

We can easily say Aniva has all of these properties and we continue to work on new products with this approach.

Our habits and activities have changed with the pandemic, therefore we face with different demands and application requests. We are going to continue the production with new projects by taking such needs into account in the next year.


4. At the end of this interview, we would like to hear your wishes for 2021 for Aniva family and followers.

We wish for health and happiness each year but I think this year we have extensively understood the luxury of a healthy breath and travelling freely.

While we continue to work by fulfilling the requirements of personal protection, we can pass this period together by helping each other. Although the foreign fairs and travels are temporarily limited, we will continue to participate in the fairs and activities by obtaining local permits.  What gives us the biggest happiness are the contents naturally shared by the users along with their words of satisfaction.

We will keep our motivation high. I wish for healthy days to live in peace and joy.




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