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Aynur Ayhan on the Barbecue Sector and Country Agenda

We have talked about Aniva, barbeque sector and current issues with Aynur Ayhan, one of the founders of Aniva.

1-Can you briefly tell us about yourself and Aniva

Actually, Aniva Household Products was born during 2009 crisis; you know that other name of crisis is the opportunity. As Ayhan Metal we were also affected due to 2008-2009 crises. During crisis, you have more time to think and do the things that you always wanted to do but could not. We saw that we had machines, raw materials and ability to do business when we looked what we had in our hands.

Our first product design double-sided fry pan. In the past, were there double-sided toast pans? Yes, there were but they were kept aside, they were hidden from eyes and treated as a thrown-away kitchenware.   We turned this kitchenware that we used to make toast that we loved in our childhoods, pancakes for young people and anchovy pan for fish lovers into a more chic and practical design which can be used all the time. Ones sold at markets were risky products in terms of food theme as they were uncoated or coated with low quality products.  First of all, we started from maintaining conformity of our raw material to food theme, and then we kind of modernize it with non-flammable, non-stick coating and ergonomic handles and created a new product family.

When we produced double sided pans with high quality, we failed to compete China in competitive price and this lead us to concentrate on new products.

We are family who makes barbeque at every weekend and even every day when the weather is good.  We already produced BBQs suitable for our needs as we frequently make BBQ.  We always talked about adding this or making that and finally produced PRTK BBQ according to the design that responds needs of users in the market. While PRTK BBQ is suitable for more personal and outdoor activities, we designed COSA which is suitable for personal barbeque experience at gardens and terraces for more crowded families.

Long legged COSA is suitable for socialization, weekend parties and activities while wooden tray of short legged model can be used as a table while making barbeque.

2-What is the place and discourse of Aniva in the sector?

Being aware that the sources of the world are limited, main point that we considered in all of our products is designing permanent, long lasting products that will live with us by thinking about our future rather than using and disposing what we have.

Today, kitchens and families are getting smaller, family activities and social hobbies are changing. Number of working women increased and more practical kitchenware is needed. We are trying to make life easier with designer products based on analytical approach.

Idea behind the pans we designed at first was to make today’s children experience the taste of toasts that our mothers cooked when we were children. This was how we modernize double-sided pans and added a new spirit by blending it with new technology and trends.

Different characteristics of barbeque allow us the opportunity to use these products all the time. They respond different needs other than only cooking meat and then put them a side. They are both chic and decorative products.

3-What are the recent and long objectives of Aniva?

Like every other entrepreneur, while predicted that Aniva would also make a fast start at the beginning, it took long time and we experienced some problems to enter market prior process due to conditions of the country and focusing on production. For the last year, we changed our strategy and started to give more importance to online sales and digital environment. We understood that we have made the right call about this subject in these corona days. With the arrival of global logistics companies, different working dynamics in Turkey emerged. We are working in an effort to develop our ability to make online delivery to every place in the world. At the same time, we will continue to maintain more interaction in the following process, share more information and share about Turkish barbeque culture and different barbeque habits in different cultures with you.

4-How do you define and make comment about barbeque sector in Turkey and in the World?

When I say I produce barbeque in Turkey, nobody cares but when I say I produce designer BBQ in Turkey, they look at you from a different perspective. If you go to a picnic during the weekend, you usually take your barbeque with you if you have one that you like at home but if you don’t, you buy a disposal barbeque from a butcher or a store. It is because, barbeque in our country is only limited with cooking meat and eating it, however, barbeque in other countries is considered as joy, activity and social activity opportunity. BBQ lovers gained expertise in many different areas varying from how to cook meat, how to marinate meat, cooking period, and weather conditions to heat distribution.

Experience in barbeque is a part of personal experience areas. Different factors such as high meat prices in Turkey and rich variety of meat in other countries cause different habits. Due to this reason, barbeque in our culture is totally different from the barbeque culture in the world.

At the same time, different factors cause changes in the sector. For example, walking barefoot on grass and making barbeque outside in the meadows became a scary dream for all of us because of ticks.

Moreover, Turkish people like to grill on cool coal. We don’t cook with flames but Americans cook on flames and cook the meat at almost burning degree. Distance between coal meat grill is higher in USA. In our country, it is shorter. Although many people did not know it, there is DIN standard in barbeque and our barbeques are compatible with this standard.

5- Finally, how do you spend corona days, do you think that do we have a chance to make barbeque in these days?

We stay home for Corona days; we make barbeque with our nuclear family members especially at weekends during the curfew. Togetherness feeling is very important during this period. You can make barbeque with your family or even by yourself, enjoy sharing beautiful moments and collect good memories with PRTK Barbeque which can easily be used even at your balcony when we are lockdown during corona days. Of course, I also recommend COSA BBQ which is suitable for using at gardens and terraces for more crowded families.




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