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Barbecue Maintenance and Cleaning


One of the biggest problem for barbecues is cleaning.. Removing ashes, soot and sticky ashes in the grill. Today we would like to give some tips to protect your barbecue to looks like a brand new barbecue.

Washing is a problem for classical barbecue/grill that is because of rusting. Therefore it can be hide in basement areas because of it stays dirty.

Aniva Barbecue and Mangal are easy to clean and washable with their non rusting body.

1- Clean the grill wires each time you grill. With special coating, Aniva grill wires minimize sticking and offer us easy to clean.

2- After grill has cooled, remove any ashes from the grill. You can use aluminum foil cups to make it easy.

3- When necessary, wash cooled inside and outside surfaces of the grill with soapy water and rinse it. Thank to non rusting aluminum body of Aniva barbecues, this step can be done easily.

4- Especially when you put your grill away for the winter and use fewer at the end of season, you need to make a maintenance your grill.

  • Scrape out any ash you should have removed from the grill.
  • Make sure the vents open and close easily.
  • For grill wires, preheat the grill. Brush and oil grill wires.

5-  Keep your barbecue in closed area when you use it fewer at the end of season.


Lastly check the video that cleaning of Aniva barbecues and how it is easy.


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