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Success Stories: Aynur Ayhan

Everybody has their own success stories.. Aynur Ayhan, participating in the program that Success Stories with Nihal Coskun,  shared her experience that will enlighted and inspire to young people, women and entrepreneurs on Cem TV.

''Everybody has their unique success story, I would be happy if I could be able to inspire young people.''

Guest of Success Stories programme is presented by Nihal Coşkun, that shared to the audience the stories of people from the business world, the art community and different business lines, who have been a guide to people with their success, was Aynur Ayhan who is CEO of Ayhan Metal and Aniva Home Products.

Aynur Ayhan and Nihal Coskun discussed about crisis management, concept of success, being a women in the sector, establishing a brand  in the programme. Ms. Aynur shared valuable advices to young people as well.

''My suggestion to young people is to set a goal, work hard and stick to your dreams. And then success will come ultimately.''


You can reach whole episode below;


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