Constructed with cast aluminum body

COSA Barbecue is a charcoal barbecue that reunites functionality with unique & innovative design according to needs of modern city life. Decorative and portable COSA Barbecue can be used easily in the garden as well as an indoor fireplace.

  • Cosa BBQ
  • Elegant appearence,
  • Rust Free,
  • Efficent and delicious grilling,
  • Excellent garden and in door usage
  • Healthy and easy to clean

Removable upper part and worktop table made of hard wood

Aniva Cosa BBQ is designed in a healthy way to maximize your outdoor cooking experience.

Aniva Cosa BBQ will be your favorite with its excellent flavor while you are cooking outdoors and the visuality will make you happy while grilling.

  • Best BBQ & Barbecue Grill
  • Can be used in multi wheather conditions.
  • Excellent & unique garden furniturre

Chromium – plated steel healthy grid

Aniva Cosa BBQ is produced of high-quality materials that care about your health and your beloved ones and has an awarded design.

  • Healthy
  • Ideal for crowded families and friends groups

Indoor usage as a flueless fireplace by Bio Ethanol

Aniva Cosa BBQ accompanies you in celebration with your friends, family and beloved ones in the park, kitchen and garden.

  • More than a accessory in your romantic moments.
  • Quality and Health in BBQ.
  • Constructed with cast aluminum body
  • Non-rusting aluminum body
  • Collapsible upper part
  • Heat resistant paint
  • Wooden stands and handles that suitable for outdoor usage
  • Wooden or different colored metallic foot options
  • Wooden worktop table for food service
  • 47 cm coated grill surface
  • Chimney and adjustable air ducts
  • Easy to mount
  • Preserve cover
  • Weight:
    • 34 kg package for short leg alternative
    • 40 kg package for long leg alternative
  • Design and registration owned by Aniva

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