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Basics of Grilling Meat Tecniques


In this article we will introduce the meat cooking techniques. Enjoy reading!

The technique of cooking meat on the grill is called “concentration” cooking method. The purpose is to leave the juice and taste of the ingredient inside. The purpose is to cook the food at high temperature at first for a while to ensure that the surface becomes coagulated so that the water and taste within its body cannot escape outside.

The barbecue is a type of grilling. It can be used for all meats, whether thin or thick. The meat is placed on the fire (approximately 300 C degrees of heat is suitable), the external section of the meat will be sealed, both surfaces should be sealed for 1 min. each. Depending on the cooking degree, each surface is served after being cooked for 5 min. each (for thick meats).

When cooking the meat on fire, it should not be turned very frequently, turning each of them once will be enough. Cooking too long will cause the meat to lose its water and get dry.

The meat made of meat pieces (meatballs) should be turned more frequently compared to thick meat, to prevent the burning of the surfaces.

It is enough to cook the thin meat slices 5 min. in total (should be adjusted based on cooking degree).

Do not use tendered meat for the grill and never apply salt on the meat before grilling, salt will prevent the meat from getting fried.

Wipe the meat before grilling, you should not get water taste after cooking.



Rare 52 Derece

Medium Rare 55 Derece

Medium 60 Derece

Medium Well 65 Derece

Well Done 71 Derece


There is a matter to be taken into account before cooking the meat:

The meat becomes hard after slaughtering. This hardness lasts for a few hours. The biophysical and biochemical changes that occur after slaughtering the animal are in scope of the term of conditioning. This hardness lasts for nearly 20 hours for the cattle and 12 hours for the sheep; afterwards it slowly becomes softer. But this period is valid for suitable conditions. This period can be longer during the winter and shorter during the summer. It becomes better when stored in the cold storage at +1 or +3°C for a week, as the taste and softness of the cattle meat improves. This takes 3 days for the sheep and lamb. If they wait longer the meat becomes softer but the taste and color may change. But under ideal storage conditions, the cattle carcass or leg can be stored 15 days. The sheep-lamb storage period should not exceed 3-4 days even under ideal storage conditions.

Artık yöntemlerine geçebiliriz;

Let us continue with the methods.



The direct cooking is about placing the food directly on the heat source, during barbecue. This method is suitable for thin and small pieces that can be cooked quickly. For example the foods such as tenderloin, burger meat, skewer, chicken parts and vegetables are very suitable for this type of cooking. Turning them on barbecue once will be enough to cook such foods.

When you do not close the barbecue cover

The small-thin meat pieces are suitable to be cooked in a short time. The foods should be meticulously observed to ensure that the sauces on them do not get burnt.



The indirect cooking is the type of cooking where the foods are kept further away from the heat source and the barbecue cover is closed. This method is very similar to baking and ensures that the heat contacts all surfaces within the barbecue, threfore the foods are equally cooked from all directions and turning them is not necessary. This low heat and slow cooking method is suitable for big food pieces that can be cooked for a longer period and which will not burn.

When you close the barbecue cover

  • It allows cooking the big pieces for a longer time thanks to equal heat distribution.
  • The heat source should not be flamed excessively to ensure slow cooking. Therefore the oxygen support should be kept under control.
  • If you want to use smoking method, the smoke should penetrate the food well. Therefore a longer cooking period will be necessary.

To minimize the flames,

When indirect cooking method is used, the water should be put within a container that can endure heat and place the container on the cooking area. Avoid using excess fat or sauce.

Leaving a small section at the fire area will create an advantage to continue cooking by preventing the suddent burning of the foods in case of unexpected big flames.



While the barbecue accelerates the cooking process, smoking method is great to add aroma . The smoking process generally takes 3 times as long as barbecue cooking, at low temperature degrees between 180-220 C. The low-temperature cooking slowly cooks the meat instead of burning and the aroma of the burning chips is added to the meat.

This process can be performed with the barbecues suitable for smoking process or by using the traditional smoking methods. Both applications are based on indirect cooking; a container full of water is added within the barbecue to humidify the cooking area. The aroma providers or wood chips that can absorb water can be placed within the heat source to flame the fire. The cover is closed to ensure that the heat and smoke can envelop the food, penetrate and add the smoking flavor to the food. But we must remember that not all types of food are suitable for smoking. Veal, lamb, fatty fish, all chicken and game animals are suitable options for smoking.


If you do not have the suitable traditional cooker for smoking, you can make your current coal or gas barbecue suitable for smoking process by using a cover.

Coal barbecue

  1. Keep the wood chips or other pieces used for ignition in water for at least an hour (if you are going to use an aromatic liquid, the wood chips should also be kept in that liquid for half an hour). The important point is, the water should be drained well before adding these wood chips into fire.
  2. Use long tongs and place a metal container that contains warm water (2-3 cm filled) between the coals or hot ashes.
  3. Add the wood chips (which were wetted and kept within aromatic liquid) to the ember.
  4. Place the foods on the barbecue and close the cover.
  5. Check the foods, water container and wood chips at the beginning of each hour.
  6. Do not add extra wood chips to the heat source during the last hour of smoking. Too many wood pieces will cause a bitter taste on the foods.

Please continue to follow us for more detailed information on the smoking process.


Wrapping within aluminum foil is a manually performed process suitable for barbecue. This is not only a very suitable method to store the foods and keep them hot, but also to cook them on barbecue. The foods packed in aluminum are placed on the barbecue grates; it is a perfect method to make the grain bread tepid, to steam the vegetables and to cook the meat.  Although this method does not create the same taste when the foods are directly placed on the grates, this allows the foods to stay humid, increases the softness and makes the cleaning afterwards easier. If you are going to cook multiple types of food in the same pack, make sure they are the foods that are cooked during the same time period.

Please click here for detail information about ‘smoking’

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