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Cuts of Beef Guide- How to cook them?

It is almost Eid al-Adha and we wanted to investigate which type of meat is more suitable for grilling and the related sections of the animal.

First of all we must state that the meat becomes harder towards the bottom section of the animal and the bottom sections are more suitable for long-term cooking.

Let us firstly examine the parts suitable for grilling:

Tenderloin: A part located at the rear and back section of the calf. It is the muscle tissue located at each side of the animal (left and right). The total weight varies between 1,5-2,5 kg. It has no fat as it is a frequently working muscle tissue located at  the back section of the animal.

Tenderloin is exactly the fibrous muscle which is the “boneless meat”. Sirloin steak is located immediately next to it. It should be cut in thick sections. It should not be marinated or tendered. Generally grill cooking process is followed.

Sirloin steak: Being the fatless, boneless part suitable to be cooked as steak, sirloin is harder and tighter than tenderloin. It can be sliced as thick, medium-thick or thin slices. When thick slices are prepared it should be softened with the marination mixture and grilled afterwards. When sliced with medium thickness, it is suitable to prepare steak meals with sauce.

T-Bone: T-Bone steak is the name of the meat with the bone, located at the back section, between the tenderloin and sirloin steak meats. The tenderloin and sirloin steak are called fillet when they are together, and to be called t-bone, the cover at the back section must have 2-3 cm of fat. It is suitable to be cooked at high heat on cast iron pan or grill after resting for more than 3 weeks within the drying chamber after it is cut.

Rib Steak: It is taken from the back section of the calf. This is the first quality version of the steak. It is suitable for barbecue cooking as it is fatty and soft. It is also suitable to be cooked with various sauces.

It is preferred by the consumers who use barbecue at their gardens or balconies.

Chops: Veal chops are taken from the back section of the animal, similar to the t-bone. It is preferred as it is fatty and the fat penetrated into the meat like vessels. It is the section where rib steak part is obtained. Chops are obtained when the rib steak is not scraped from the rib and the bones are cut smoothly. It is recommended to cook after cutting as thick slices.

It can be prepared by leaving some of the bones, or without the bones. It is suitable for grilling.

Steak: This is the section located on the top section of the knee joint of the cattle, and shinbone is located below. It is obtained from the leg section, and is one of the precious meat sections without fat and nerve. It is also obtained from the remaining section on the rear knee joint.

Rump: This is the section close to the rump, among the five-part leg set. It is grilled in slices. Chopping in small pieces and oil cooking method is also used.


We have examined the most suitable parts for grilling. Now let us examine how the other parts can be used.


Chuck: The meat with or without bone under the neck of the cattle and small cattle. It is suitable to be used as boiled meat after cut as big pieces. This part is used for the ground meat (low, medium or full fat) varieties, calf sauté and meat stew.

Flank steak: The meat with bone located on the top front section of the chest. Boiling method is used for this part, and is also suitable for medium-fat ground meat.

Brisket: Same as the flank steak. Boiling method is used for this part, also it is suitable for ground meat (medium fat). The meatball prepared with brisket has much more taste as it is fatty and as there are more connective tissues that bind the bone and meat together.

Round: The middle part of the five-part leg set. It is suitable for foods cooked with meat cubes. It is the meat extending from the leg of the animal towards the thigh, with egg-shape. It is very precious as it can be used for almost all meals with meat. It can be roasted or cooked as sauté.

Nuar: The softest part of the five-part leg set. It is the section that includes the leg part of the animal that extends from the leg towards the stomach. It has no fat or nerve. The meat used for roast meat is obtained from this section. It is preferred for its lack of fat. It is also boiled with the vegetables.

Kontrnuar: It is obtained from the leg section of the calf below the nuar. The beefsteak to be cooked with sauce for shorter period is obtained from this part. It is the best part used for steak with tomato sauce.

Shank: The less meaty part of the leg extending towards the knee. Boiling method is generally used for this part. Calf shank consumption generally increases during the autumn and winter months and it is cooked by boiling it with vegetables, consumed for the healing effect thanks to the contents of the bone marrow. The marrow makes the sauce more delicious and consistent. The meaty leg section that continues above the shank is suitable for baking.

Tranç: It is the soft area between the nuar and rump. It is used to prepare meat cubes, sauté and beef with sauce.

We tried to summarize the meat parts. We hope our article will be useful and we can use all the parts of the animal without any waste. We must remember that we are consuming a living creature; each part is very precious and must be used, not thrown away.


As Aniva family, we wish you have a nice Eid!





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