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About Us Aniva Global


Chasing Dreams…

While working hard on casting industry as two entrepreneur sisters, we always dreamed to create products that are designed by ourselves. This passion has been transformed into reality with the experience we have had over the years.

We have never forgotten the taste of the toasts that was prepared by mom’s good hands in our childhood and looked for the same taste for years. When we wanted to share the same taste with our children, we have realized that there aren’t any products which have the same features what we are looking for.

The first product that we designed had been a double-sided pan that helps to ease users’ lives in accordance with the needs of changing life styles. Then, we brought the same approach to the barbecue category, which is a common culture in almost all the communities. We designed innovative and unique barbecues.

As the social interaction increases between different cultures, cuisines get richer. So, regarding the consumers’ needs, we continue to create innovative solutions by blending functionality and design.


Design starts with imagination and comes to reality by working hard and tenacity. Those who do not have dreams cannot have realities. Our ambition in our journey, which started with our dreams, is gradually increasing with the satisfaction of our users.

To be a part of your good memories in your special moments…

Hope you can make your dreams come true…