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Grill Gadgets Every Barbecue Lover Should Have

It’s fun to accessorize! Gear up with a few basic tools and you will be ready to grill. These ones that every barbecue lover should have:

1- Heat Resistant Gloves: Protect your hands from hot utensils, grill and fire. Choose gloves that are flame-retardant, well insulated and heavy.


2- Tong: Perfect accessory for moving and turning foods. Choose the tong that is long handled.


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3-  Skewers: Ideal for holding small pieces to grill. Skewers are available in stainless steel, wood or bamboo. Wood and bamboo options are disposable, and for not flamming you should soak in water for 30 mins. As Aniva we suggest to search alternatives instead of disposable product. Therefore we designed our stainless steel skewers.


4- Spatula: It is also good product for turning food. There are too many varieties for spatulas. Choose long, sturdy handle and stainless steel one.


5- Basting Brush: Used for oiling the grill and saucing the foods. Like spatulas, choose long, sturdy handled with natural bristles one.


6- Thermometer: It is the best accessory to ensure your foods is grilled well, correct and your type. There are many different styles, choose one according your needs.


7- Grill Brush: Essential for cleaning the grill rack. The rustproof one will usable for years.


8- Disposable Foil Pans: Even we do not suggest disposable products, foil pans are easy to use and clean to keep grill clean and they are also perfect for indirect grilling and smoking. Choose best size for your grill.

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