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Inspiring Table Concept Suggestions

Table decoration; is one of the most important thing of your barbecue pleasure with your beloved ones on celebration times, feasts or events. You can upgrade your table and create ambience on your table with little touches, accessories, a color or a pattern.

We collected a few table decoration suggestions for you;

1- Gingham

When it comes to picnic, firstly it remind us red&white, blue&white or colorful ginghams. It is possible to create chic and stylish tables with this classic pattern.


2- Lighting

Little fairy lights, lanterns, candles.. It is an unquestionable fact that these accessories, which are now quite low-cost, add a wonderful ambiance to your table while solving your lighting problem in the evening.


3- Natural Accessories

Natural accessories are definitely the most joyful suggestion that offer us unlimited possibility on table decoration. Lemons, flowers, leaves… Either in jars, with fairy lights or directly on the table…  You can create wonderful decoration with small touches.


4- Foods

Serving the foods different way from classic style, combining colorful vegetables.. All you need is a little bit creativity.




Photo sources: Pinterest

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