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Types of Charcoal

As Aniva, we designed and produce our product with awareness of our World sources are limited. Therefore we always would like to support eachother with eco-friendly, sustainable products and valued brands.

On this blog, we will mention about types of barbecue coals but primarily eco-friendly ones;


1- Coconut Shell Charcoal:

%100 coconut shell charcoal offers us renewable and clean fuel. Thanks to its compact structure, occupies 1/3 of the space taken by regular charcoals, burn longer. It is flameless, smokeless and odorless.

Coconut charcoals can be easily flammable and stays lit longer than other charcoals. Additionally it is a natural source.

You can have a barbecue on your balcony without disturbing your neighbours and you can easily carry by placing it in PRTK Mangal for your barbecue pleasure in nature.

2- Briquettes:

Made from burned wood or coal dust with compressing using binders. There are too many various of briquettes on the market; Hexagonal or oyster shaped, using chemical glue or compacted by natural methods.. We suggest that you buy briquettes by carefully searching  and avoiding cheap ones. Poor quality briquettes can give you meals ugly tastes and smells.

3- Wood Charcoals:

Wood coals, that is traditional and natural type of coal,  is made by burning and charring wood blocks with a special method. It is cheaper than other types. There is no doubt that gives meals a special flavor and burns for a long time. However, while starting burning, it causes a lot of smoke and environmental pollution.

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