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How to make barbecue?

With the barbecue technique deprived from all devices with completely organic methods in nature, let your joy of barbecue reach to the highest level..

* Prepare your barbecue and position it in a place where it will not fall over and sparks from the barbecue will not be dangerous. Choose a spot that takes a breeze.

* If there is a ventilation window set beside your barbecue, open the window to the end or remove the drawer if there is an ash drawer underneath. Thus, more oxygen will reach the fire and burning will be easier.

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* Put some ignition in the middle of the barbecue. This can be a newsprint and dry boards, pine gum or ignition gel. Coal will be put on these flames, so it is useful to leave an extension on the edge of the barbecue so that it can be fired from the edge of the coal.

* Arrange your coals on the fires placed in the middle of the brazier to form a wigwam shape.

* Place a kind of firewood, kindling, wood, etc. between the charcoal, especially on the skirt section.

* Ignite the igniters and let them burn for a while. If the fire seems to be weakened, strengthen it by rolling it down.

If your coal is dry, in this way, your coals should start to get gray after 20 minutes. If you have moisture in your charcoal, wish you easiness as hard times are waiting for you. The only thing you can do with damp coal is to increase the amount of ignition material and hope the coal will dry and ignite with the heat emitted by the ignition.

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