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10 Grilling Safety Tips You Should Know

Grilling is certainly one of the best activities to take time with our beloved ones or have a great feast. It is an activity that requires attention as well as fun. On this blog, we would like to share with you the safety warnings that we have definitely included in our product user guides. If you pay attention these issues, you can be sure you will take a great grilling time without any problem. Let’s start:

1- Don’t use indoors:

Position your grill in a well-ventilated area.

2- Do not use the barbecue in strong wind:

Strong wind can be cause to splash the fire.

3- Position your grill away from combustible materials:

Do not use the grill  within five feet  (1,5 mt) of any combustible materials, trees, houses and combustible constructures. Keep the grill on a stable and safe surface.

4- Do not add charcoal lighter or highly flammable fluids to hot charcoal or fire.

5- While lighting or using the barbecue, wear short sleeves or tight-fitting clothing as loose clothing could catch fire.

6- While lighting or using the barbecue, keep children and pets away for their safety:

Do not leave babies, children and pets unattended near a hot barbecue.

7- Do not inhale barbecue smoke directly or indirectly . Also protect others from inhaling the smoke

8- Allow the barbecue to cool down before moving it:

Do not move during grilling  as the barbecue

9- Allow coals to cool  completely  before cleaning.

10- Do not use water to extinguish the grill:

This may cause steam of water  hereby skin burns

Bonus: For safety extinguishing, cover charcoal grill with the lid and close all vents.



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