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Grilling Tips and Tricks You Need To Know -2

In this article we are going to continue with other barbecue tips. This article includes little tips that will add taste to your already delicious meat you are going to cook with barbecue, by making the aromas and appearances of meats and vegetables different.

  • If you add some lemon or orange peel on the barbecue coal 1-2 minutes before the meat is cooked, the aroma that will emerge when they are burnt will provide your grilled food (especially fish and chicken) a very sweet smell and taste.
  • If you slightly wet a few unpeeled cloves of garlic and put it on the barbecue coal 1-2 minutes before it is cooked, the aroma of the smoke emerging as the result of their burning will add a magnificent taste to your meats and grilled vegetables.
  • If you are cooking lamb chops, you can leave dried rosemary herb to become soaked within a container full of cold water for one hour, and you can sprinkle on the barbecue coal when you begin to cook to “soot” your meat with the emerging smoke. The reason of using cold water is to delay their burning and to ensure that more smoke can emerge.
  • The barbecue offers endless opportunities for you to “soot” or to “smoke”. Main method is to place the chips of some types of trees with aroma on the barbecue coal. For example if you can find chips from trees such as cheery, walnut and oak trees; keep them within cold water for an hour and then sprinkle them on the coals so that they can burn. Therefore the flavors of these sweet-smelling trees can be used to smoke your meats to create various tastes. You must absolutely use them if you ever get the chance.
  • You can also use fresh spice herbs
  • for smoking. You can create brand new tastes by sprinkling them on the coal during the last 1-2 minutes of cooking, by using fresh thyme, sage, fresh basil or fresh marjoram herbs. For this purpose you can obtain the seeds of such herbs and plant them at your garden or balcony flowerpots during the spring.
  • If you clean your grill mesh well or if you have another one, you can prepare grilled fruits on it and serve them as desserts. For example: pineapple slices, half-split peaches or red plum, etc. Yoghurt and honey mixtures can be used for sweet sauces on them.
  • You can use poaching method by placing the vegetables on the mesh after packing them within aluminum foil at the edge sections of barbecue, which are not directly exposed to coal fire. You can serve these vegetables with the grilled meats.
  • Barbecue poaching method is very suitable for all types of fish. Pack the fish and a few lemon slices within the aluminum foil, and leave at the edges of the barbecue for cooking slowly.
  • Leaving grill marks on the grilled meats and vegetables and to create diamond patterns make them look much more beautiful. To achieve this: Firstly place the meat or vegetable on the grill with 45 degrees of angle based on your position.
  • During the exact half point of the cooking period, rotate them with 90 degrees of angle based on their position, reversely, and place on the grill again.
  • An “oil” mixture prepared by mixing the olive oil, crushed garlic and vinegar is ideal to add a great taste by applying the oil on your meat and fish.





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