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Grilling Tips and Tricks You Need To Know

We have learnt how to start the barbecue. Now let us explain some important tips regarding the barbeque.


Get Organized

Make sure you have prepared your coal, kindling wood, Aniva barbeque, meat and vegetables before starting the barbeque process.

Adjust the coal amount well from the beginning

This is the main principle of barbeque: The coal need to be spread ten cm more leftwards and rightwards each, based on the surface where you will cook the meal. Apply this rule at the beginning instead of adding coal later and make sure there is plenty of coal.

Do not start cooking unless it reaches high heat

The barbeque is a cooking method that uses “high level of heat”. The meat needs to be cooked at high temperature at first to ensure the surface becomes coagulated so that the water and taste within its body cannot escape outside. Moreover high temperature is required to ensure the coal aroma penetrates the food, and you can leave grill marks on the meat and vegetables. Cover the top of the coal with a thin layer of ash, when you notice the ember fire, it will have the correct temperature. You can also use this testing method: Approach your hand towards the fire at the height where the grill stands. If you can keep your hand two seconds at the most, its temperature is high enough.

Be careful with the freshness of the meat

The meat becomes hard after slaughtering. This hardness lasts for a few hours. This hardness lasts for nearly 20 hours for the cattle and 12 hours for the sheep; afterwards it slowly becomes softer. This period can be longer during the winter and shorter during the summer. It becomes better when stored in the fridge at +1 or +3°C for a week, as the taste and softness of the cattle meat improves. This takes 3 days for the sheep and lamb. If they wait longer the meat becomes softer but the taste and color may change.

Keep your grill clean

The hygiene is much more important especially during these Coronavirus days. It is required to clean the barbeque meticulously and to utilize the accessories when using it.

If your grill is dirty, your food will adhere on the grill parts. Therefore the grill part / the iron needs to be washed after getting scraped by using wire brush if possible after the barbeque party. Moreover, you should place it on the barbeque after washing and wiping it again, before you begin to cook.












Do not turn your meat with a fork

Turn especially the steak, fillet steak and lamb chops by using tongs. Because if you use a fork, the delicious water within the meat will leak outside through the holes opened by the fork and you will have to eat dried meat or chicken without any taste. When cooking the meat on fire it should not be turned too frequently, turning once is enough. Cooking too much will cause it to lose water and become too dry.

Apply oil or sauce on your meat when cooking

You need to marinate them with various mixtures to ensure the meat or chicken can have a different taste. It is required to apply the marinating mixture with a brush from time to time when the meat is being cooked. An “oil” mixture prepared by mixing the olive oil, crushed garlic and vinegar is ideal to add a great taste by applying the oil on your meat and fish.

Cook the thick meat by closing the lid

If you like to eat your steak or fillet steak thick or if you are going to cook the whole chicken, using the “indirect” cooking method will give better results with the barbeque. In this method the coal is placed on both sides of the barbeque and the grill is just in the middle. In other words the heat of the coal does not come directly from below, but indirectly from the sides. When you cook thick meat with this method, you should cook by closing the cover of the barbeque. PRTK Barbeque and Cosa BBQ are suitable for this process. Do not forget that each time you open the lid, 5-10 minutes should be added to your cooking time.

Rest the meat for a few minutes after cooking.

During the cooking process the water of the meat becomes gathered in the middle. If you serve them after leaving them to rest for 1-2 minutes on the cutting board, you will ensure that it returns to all internal sections of the meat again and it will improve the taste greatly.

Never leave your position

Barbeque is one of the easiest cooking techniques. But it requires continuous attention. This is required to ensure that the food is cooked correctly with great taste, and to prevent possible dangers. Therefore, if possible, never leave the barbeque once you begin the process.

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