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Neapolitan Pizza

In today’s recipe, we wanted to share our neapolitan pizza recipe with you. You can cook your pizza in oven or by using pizza stone and oven cover with cosa bbq. Thanks to our small tips, your pizza will be as equally good as the pizzas that are sold by the restaurants.

Ingredients: (for two pizzas)


2 cup of flour (250 mililitrelik su bardağı)

3/4 cup+2 tablespoon

1 tea spoon of salt

2 teaspoon instant dried  yeast


1 (400 g) tin of quality tomatoes or fresh tomato

3 tablespoon of olive oil

Dried thyme, salt and black pepper

125 g mozzarella per one pizza(totally 250 g)



Firstly, we begin by preparing the pizza dough.

We will need white bread flour, instant dry yeast, salt and water for this. Combine the ingredients and knead them until the dough becomes smooth. At first it will stick to your hands but the dough will stabilize itself as you continue to knead it.

For tomato sauce, you can use fresh tomatoes or minced canned tomatoes. The next step is unbelievably easy. Add the tomatoes or the canned product into the blender and grind them well. Add very little amounts of salt, black pepper, dry thyme (not fresh) and 3-4 tablespoons of olive oil. You can use them by mixing and boiling for 5 minutes on a stove at medium heat or use it raw.

This is the critical step now: Heat up your oven beforehand, to the maximum possible degree. If available, place the pizza on the pizza stone; otherwise leave the oven tray within the oven to increase its heat, too. Cooking a pizza with a pizza stone creates different results than using a tray to cook it.

It is hard to place the thin pizza within the hot oven tray. Therefore, cut the baking paper according to the dimensions of the tray. Evacuate the air by pressing on the risen dough with your hand. Divide the dough into equal pieces, make them thinner by turning them with your fingers.

After the oven gets heated for nearly 15-20 minutes, apply the tomato sauce on the dough you placed on the baking paper in such a way the sauce contacts the whole dough, by using a brush or the other side of the spoon. Do not waste any time and place the dough with the baking paper, on the heated pizza stone. You can set the oven at 7 minutes and prepare the top ingredients for the pizza.

At this stage, you can use any type of cheese you desire. Our recommendation is the string cheese. Because the result is the closest to using the mozzarella cheese. After a few tries with the string cheese, you can try different variations by using three or five different types of cheese. Do not grate the string cheese, but cut it with a knife at a size that is a little bigger than the backgammon dices (1cm3).

After seven minutes, take the dough from the oven, add 6-7 tablespoons more tomato sauce on the pizza and spread to every point by using the other side of the spoon. Spread the cheese on this plenty of sauce and put it back into the oven without wasting time, but this time use a shelf closer to the ceiling of the oven. Keep your eyes on the pizza because the pizza must be taken from the oven before the cheese foams and gets burnt after melting. This may take 3 minutes. The cooking times are never precisely the same because the ingredients, oven and heat factors will be different.

Remove the cooked pizza from the oven, hold the ends of the baking paper to lift the pizza and place it on the grill (bottom of which is empty and which can get air) and remove the baking paper from below. If you like, you can spread some olive oil and slice the pizza to serve. You can also add fresh garden rocket leaves, minced fresh basil leaves etc. salad ingredients when serving. Bon Appetite!

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