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An Aperitif That Will Color Your Tables: The Harmony Of Mozzarella And Grilled Pineapple In Rosemary

Do you want to add color and difference to your table? And if you like the harmony of sweet and savory, you should look our recipe;



16 pcs rosemary

2 slices of pineapple

Mozzarella balls



First, we clean out some of the leaves from the lower parts of the rosemary. Afterwards, we can put our pineapple to the heated barbecue and mozzarella balls  to rosemary branches.

Next step, grill both sides of the pineapples for 5 minutes on average until brown streaks appear . After rest the grilled pineapple for a while, then we can divide it into equal pieces and put it on the rosemary branches next to the ball cheeses.

That’ all, It’s so simple! You can see the preparation from the photos below, bon appetit!


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