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5 Reasons” To Meet The New Year With Barbeque

While the new year is coming, do you think of an activity to meet 2021 within the pandemic rules and have a good time with the family? Have you ever thought about having a barbecue while welcoming the new year? Here are 5 reasons not to think of anything else.

1. Barbeque is an enjoyable activity for whole family.

It is one of the best ways to spend time with your family. It requires distribution of duties; one person prepares the meat before barbeque while the other person prepares the vegetables, and cooperation is also required for table and presentation. After the joyful efforts of cooperation, a delicious and enjoyable feast begins!


2. The possibilities with the barbeque are endless.

The meat is the lead character here! You can provide your meat with various aroma tastes by using wooden smoking pieces and experience various tastes.

With COSA BBQ, you can prepare delicious and enjoyable grilled appetizers, even vegan-vegetable alternatives, vegetable skewers and fruit skewers together with ice-cream as dessert.

When COSA is used as an oven, it is possible to cook pizzas on wood fire special for your palatal delight. The only requirement is to obtain a pizza stone that can be used with the barbeque.


3. The fire means togetherness and intimacy.

You can spend enjoyable time next to the fire when you use COSA as Firepit. Do not forget! The fire means togetherness and intimacy.

COSA can be used as Firepit to cook chestnuts, which is the first thing that comes to the mind during the winter months, and return to your childhood with your children and cook marshmallows.


4. When you have COSA, it is very easy to create a fireplace ambient at your home during the winter months.

A fireplace that can be positioned anywhere in your home will accompany you with the accessory set specially designed for COSA’s bioethanol usage.


5. Give a chance to enjoyable activity with Aniva Barbecue!

During the winter months and because of the increasing pandemic restrictions, we have begun to spend most of our time at our homes. Barbeque is the most suitable activity to get fresh air at your balcony and garden to feel the outdoors to some extent. If you think the barbecue is just a summer alternative, give this enjoyable activity a chance with Aniva Barbecue after this new year’s day!

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